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How do I use a gift certificate?
  Purchase a Gift Certificate

To purchase a gift certificate, click here. You may also purchase a gift certificate by searching for "gift" in the search box at the top right.

Redeem a Gift Certificate

To redeem a gift certificate, click "Apply a gift certificate to your account" on the "My Account" page. This gift certificate will now be applied towards your next purchase.

You may also apply a gift certificate to an order you are placing by clicking "Apply a Gift Certificate" at the bottom of the checkout page.
How do I use a coupon code?
  You can apply a coupon code to your order by entering it in the field labeled "Enter a Coupon Code" on the "View Cart page, and then clicking "Apply".

You can also apply a coupon code by clicking "Apply a Coupon Code" at the bottom of the checkout page.

Coupon codes can not be combined with other coupons or promotions.

Coupon codes are not valid for use with wholesale or distributor accounts.
There are multiple pending charges on my card. Have I been overcharged?
  Multiple pending charges being displayed in your online banking does not mean you were charged multiple times.

When a credit card is attempted to be charged, an authorization, or gateway, opens between the credit card company and us. When this gateway opens, a charge appears on your account, and we have a certain number of days to capture the funds. If the credit card is declined for any reason, we do not collect payment, and the pending charge is dropped once the gateway expires.

All but one of the "duplicate" charges appearing on your account will be dropped once the authorization expires. This usually happens within 2-6 days. If the charges are still appearing on your account after 1 week, please call 888-851-2055 or email, and we will make sure they are dropped.
How do I contact you?

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