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Whole Food Multivitamin Supplement Fundamental Daily - Whole Food MultiVitamin - 90 Tablets

Whole Food Daily Multiple Vitamin Supplement.

List Price: $36.00

Whole Food Supplements

Natural Multivitamins

Fundamental Earth understands the importance of using a whole food supplement for its natural multivitamins. Most vitamins are synthetic and do not contain important co-factors needed by the body for health. Whole food supplements contain vitamins the way nature intended. All of Fundamental Earth's supplements are Made in USA.

Why Use Whole Food Multivitamins?

More and more people are buying multivitamins instead of individual vitamins; that way they're sure that they're getting the whole vitamin package. When buying multivitamins, do you think about the substances that are used to make them? Some vitamins are made with synthetic materials that undergo chemical processes. Others are made with plant derivatives and are processed naturally.

Producing synthetic vitamins is cheaper. This is because they are usually processed in a lab from coal tar derivatives with no co-factors. Natural vitamins, on the other hand, are made from high quality, natural sources that contain co-factors. No preservatives or artificial sweeteners are used. Your Vitamin C, for example, if produced from natural sources, would contain co-factors called bioflavonoids. They are processed using no heat or pressure, and there is no sugar coating. The vitamin is made from excellent, raw ingredients.

There is a good reason for buying multivitamins made in the USA. The standards are more rigorous, and manufacturers are bound by law to deliver on quality. It is this commitment to quality that sets US-made multivitamins apart from the rest.