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Mineral Supplements

The regular intake of mineral supplements are necessary because our busy lifestyles don’t give us much time to cook healthy home made meals. Since many vitamins and minerals are not produced naturally by the body, they have to be sourced from the foods we eat. But if we’re not eating the right foods, we deprive our bodies of essential vitamins and minerals.

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High Potency Potassium Supplement Fundamental Potassium - Chelated Potassium - 30 Capsules

Easily Absorbed Potassium Supplement - Chelated Potassium

List Price: $6.00

Fundamental Minerals

Fundamental Minerals has combined 12 minerals to create a multi-mineral supplement in a synergistic blend.

Our multi-mineral blend contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, chromium, zinc and others minerals to help supplement your daily needs.

Minerals help to strengthen bones and teeth, calm the nerves, promote mental alertness, stimulate growth and development of young children, and re-balance hormonal and enzyme activity. They act in conjunction with vitamins and amino acids.

There are certain minerals like zinc and copper that can help to give our hair and skin that healthy, glowing look. Minerals also promote metabolism and help the body make efficient use of glucose and insulin. Without the required minerals, our bodies would slowly succumb to the chaotic interplay of enzymes and free radicals, making us candidates for chronic disease.